Fiewin Apk Download Link 2023 Get Rs.1500 Cash Bonus

 Fiewin App DownloadFiewin APK DownloadFieWin Earning App, FieWin App Download Link, FieWin Referral Code, Fiewin apkFiewin app. Fiewin Apk Download Link 2023 Updated FieWin APP Version The top online earning website at the moment is called Fiewin. Simple games like minesweeper and color prediction can be played for money.

The best gaming platform of the year is Fiewin Apk, which offers you a unique gaming experience and large potential profits. By using the Fiewin App and playing the Fiewin game while at home, you can make Real Cash, just like everyone else in the nation does right now.

Fiewin Apk Download Link 2023

You can use the fiewin mod apk without downloading it by following the instructions provided on the page. To start earning infinite money in your bank account right away, sign up with the fiewin mod apk referral code!

Website Named Must Use Fiewin Login Refer Earn Offer* – 20 SignUp + and Earn Free PayTM. Fiewin Apk Loot Online Game

With more than 20 lakh users and 3 lakh investors, the Fiewin Apk Download Latest Version is the best platform and software overall.

FieWin App Download Link Download
FieWin Referral CodeClick Here
FieWin Referral Bonus₹100 + (Commission on each play)

How to Register in FieWin?

You must register with the FieWin App with your cellphone number before you can play any games there. This registration is free and only required once. For simple registration, just follow the steps below.

  • Click the Register button or the provided link. Sign up now

  • Now Type in your cell phone number.
  • To get a verification code, click the button.

  • Enter the code that was sent to your mobile phone.
  • Now pick a secure password because it will be needed when you sign in.
  • At last, press the Register button.

Fiewin Quick Login.

Quick Login. Password Login. +91. Get Verification code. Login. Don’t have a account? Register. Feedback.

How To Download Fiewin Apk

  • Register an account with FieWin.
  • Enter your password and phone number.
  • Next, click the Dashboard corner icon labeled “Download App.
  • After downloading the software, you can install it.

Features Of Fiewin Apk

  • This allows you to make money while playing online games.
  • One of the top apps for making real money is called Fiewin.
  • In the Fiewin app, earning up to Rs. 9,000 a day is not a huge thing.
  • Every day, you have the option of withdrawing your winnings to a bank account.
  • You have been offered the opportunity in this to become a FieWin Agent and earn money for the rest of your life.
  • Within 30 minutes, the withdrawal sum is credited to your bank account.
  • By inviting your friends, you can make money.
  • 3 Level – Order Commission –
  • To contact customer service for any Fiewin problems, use live chat.
  • The Fiewin app makes cash deposits incredibly simple.

2023 Available Game in Fiewin Apk

FieWin App is one of the best and simple medium of earning money by playing games.

  1. Minesweeper
  2. Andar Bahar
  3. Fast Parity
  4. Crash
  5. Dice
  6. Hilo
  7. Circle

So you have to be careful while playing these games. So let’s discuss these games briefly.

How To Play FieWin Circle Game?

The Circle Game Is Played Every 30 Seconds, And One Of The 38 Grids Is Randomly Selected In Each Draw. The 38 Squares Correspond To 3 Colors (Yellow, Red, And Green), Three Animals (Lion, Elephant, And Cow), And 38 Numbers. If You Choose The Right One, You Will Win The Prize.

Fast Parity

Fast Parity is a prediction-based game. It includes colors. First, you have to place the bid. Then there are three colors in Fast Parity red, green, and violet. You have to choose one. There will be a total of 30 seconds. 27 seconds to predict and 3 seconds for the result.

You can easily win Rs.1000 or more daily from Fiewin Fast Parity Game. You have to predict color in this game.


Minesweeper is another interesting game in Fiewin. To play this game first choose the bet. Then you have to select boxes. There will be mines under the boxes. If you select the box without a mine you win.

If not, you will lose. There are three variations in Minesweeper. Which are 2×2 4 boxes, 4×4 16 boxes, and 8×8 64 boxes.

Open Minesweeper game & Play with Rs.10.
When you are confident & got some ideas of game, You can play with high amount of money.

Start seeing below in everyone order section. and immediately click on the box the latest number you see. Open only 4 or 5 boxes and stop the game.

You will win 99% with this trick.

Now play again & again the same minesweeper game.
Follow the same trick again & again and win.
You can redeem this winning money instantly. Payment comes within seconds.

Andar Bahar

If you play card games you know what Andar Bahar is. In Fiewin it is also the same. Firstly, as usual, choose the bet. A hole card will be shown. Now choose between Andar or Bahar in 30 seconds. Now cards will be dealt. Now if the hole card shows Andar of Bahar whichever first will win.


The crash is also an interesting and popular game. To play crash first choose the bet. In the crash game, there will be a multiplier that will rise from 1.00x up. You can stop whenever you want to multiply your bet. But if you don’t stop at the time you can lose your money.


Dice is another game in the Fiewin. To play dice predict a number between 1 to 100. There will be a total of 1 minute to play the game.

Where you can order in 45 seconds and the result will be shown in 15 seconds. If the number you predict comes then you win or if not then you will lose.


Hilo is another card game in the Fiewin app. To play hilo first you have to choose the bet. Then a hole card will come. After that, the next card will be higher or lower. If you predict correctly you will win.

Fiewin Refer And Earn Program

To earn more bonus money, spread the word about your special Fiewin referral code as much as you can. No obligation exists to share a referral code. However, be careful not to abuse your referral code as doing so could result in account deletion.

  • Start a Fiewin account.
  • Navigate to the Refer a Friend section.
  • Give your friends access to your special referral link.
  • For each successful referral, you will receive Rs. 10 directly in your wallet. (10 Once Your Friend Plays Any
  • Game + 1 Instant).
  • The minimum withdrawal is Rs. 31.

👉 Signup Bonus – ₹10
👉 Minimum Recharge – ₹100
👉 Minimum Withdrawal – ₹31
👉 Daily Lucky Rupees

 FieWin Register Link 🔗

Invite More, Earn More!

How to Make Money Earning Options in FieWin

  • Daily Rewards: Registered FieWin app users have the opportunity to enter daily drawings for rewards. Users get the opportunity to open the Treasure Box, which contains a chance to win up to 1000 Rupees, every seventh day. Click the Check In icon on the home screen to access the reward. then select the Check-in button. You can withdraw the money you receive from this draw from your account in bank accounts.
  •  Task Reward– For fulfilling certain rewards like First Recharge, Learn to Recharge, First Invitation, and Orders, Task Reward- FieWin Apk Download Latest Version also offers task rewards to its customers. Click the Task Reward button on the Dashboard to get these task rewards.
  • Invitation Commission –This is one of the most popular and simple ways to make good money on FieWin without taking any chances or working too hard. Simply invite others to play FieWin using your link, and if they do, a portion of their winnings will be awarded to your account.
    To boost the number of invitees, you can employ a variety of techniques. Many people get daily incomes of above one lakh rupees. The evidence is shown below.
  • The Agent Million Cash Growth Plan is a money-making strategy that rewards efficient users. Let’s first talk about what an effective user is. The invitee who recharges for more than 100 rupees is a very efficient user.

How Can I Get Lucky Rupees on FieWin?

FieWin fortunate Rupees are the game’s free gift to both new and seasoned players. FieWin New User Lucky Rupees and Registered User Lucky Rupees are the two different kinds of Lucky Rupees.

The link below will let you purchase the lucky rupees. Depending on your circumstance, click the link.

  • FieWin’s lucky Rupees
  • New user’s Lucky Rupees

How to Redeem Your Lucky Rupees.

1) Go to the aforementioned link.

2) If you are a registered user, click the Get it Now button.

3) If you are a new user, click the Register button.

4) After you complete the task, a certain sum of money will be credited to your account.

FieWin App allows you to earn more.

  • Free ₹2 – Learn to recharge
    Check the recharge help and answer the questions correctly.
  • Free ₹5 – First recharge
    You can receive it after completing the first recharge.
  • Free ₹5 – First invitation
    After inviting users to complete download registration and purchase points, they can receive.
  • Free ₹20 – More than 100 orders
    Complete Parity orders and Dice orders, more than 100 times.
  • Free ₹100 – More than 1000 orders
    Complete Parity orders and Dice orders, more than 100 times.
  • Free ₹1000 – More than 10000 orders
    Complete Parity orders and Dice orders, more than 100 times.

Steps To Earn Rs 1000/- Daily

  • Do Daily Check-In on the application. You will Get Daily Rs /- 2 as a rewards.
  • Join Official Fiewin Telegram Channel. They Daily Post 2 Claim Links of Rs 4 + Rs 4 = Rs 8 Reward.
  • This is how you can easily make Rs 10/- daily through this application.

How To Make Double Earning Daily?

In addition to making money through playing games, you can also make money by using scams. Simply follow the instructions listed below to double your money.

  • Open your dashboard and Click On “Minesweeper” Game.
  • There Will Be total 16 Boxes. 1 Box Will Have One Bomb.
  • Play with Just Rs 1000 Bonus. Open 1 By 1 Box till You Earn Rs 13 or Rs 14
  • Then Click On “Stop & Get Bonus Button”.
  • Winning amount will be added in Your Wallet.

💐 𝑭𝒊𝒆𝒘𝒊𝒏 𝑷𝒍𝒂𝒕𝒇𝒐𝒓𝒎 💐

♻️ Register Link 🔗
🪁UPI withdraw very fasted withdraw

🪁Per refer 50rs

🪁Daily check in bonus available

🪁Daily task

🪁Min recharge 20₹

🪁Minimum withdrawal 31₹

🪁Maximum withdrawal 50000₹

🪁24×7 withdraw working

🪁Daily rewards and week bonus

🪁 Daily Lucky Rupee (2 or 3)

🌈🌟Registration Link 🔗 –

How to Withdraw Cash from Fiewin Apk

  1. Launch the most recent version of Fiewin.
  2. Register with your account.
  3. To withdraw, click.
  4. Wherever you wish to accept money, include your UPI ID.
  5. The withdrawal must be at least Rs.31.
  6. Try to return the most cash possible at once because there is a transaction fee of Rs. 30 for each withdrawal.

 (FieWin Apk Payment Proof)

FieWin App  (F.A.Q)

Is FieWin a real company?

According to the source, yes. User has been compensated up to this point.

What purpose does the FieWin App serve?

online color guessing game called FieWin App allows players to earn free Paytm cash.

What is FieWin’s customer service phone number?


Which method of payment did FieWin use?

The Paytm wallet will be used to pay you.

How secure is it to use FieWin App?

We are unable to reveal this. Before utilizing the software, you can do your own research.

FieWin APK is free, right?

FieWin APKK is unrestricted free software. It costs a little money to upgrade from a free mod to a paid one. APKRader, however, is available here for free.

What use does the FieWin APK serve?

FieWin APK is one of the best (Productivity) android apps available.

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